When you visit a new dentist, your main concern is probably the cleaning, and that makes sense. Everyone likes clean teeth. But there’s no point having clean teeth if they’re not also healthy. That’d be like putting a fresh coat of paint on a junker car. The underlying problems are still there.

That’s why along with your cleaning, new patients also receive a dental exam, cancer screening, and full set of x-rays. This allows Dr. Angelique Freking and Dr. Ronald Teichman to know with full confidence that your teeth and your mouth are stable and healthy. At Park Slope Dentistry Seventh Avenue, we are committed to protecting and maintaining your oral health. Schedule an appointment today.

And for those without insurance, we offer a New Patient Special that includes the comprehensive exam, cleaning and x-rays for only $175. Click here to learn more.



Dental Exam Q&A

What does the dental exam include?

A comprehensive dental exam will check the health of your gums, the strength of your tooth structure and look for issues related to teeth grinding. It also includes an oral cancer screening that feels like a short face massage, and of course x-rays to make sure there aren’t any problems like decay hiding inside your teeth. 

Why are X-rays necessary?

A decaying tooth often gives no signs of a problem until it gets so bad that it causes you serious pain or even tooth loss. X-rays allow us to discover little problems in teeth now, before they become big painful problems later.  Would you rather have a small filling now or a root canal later?

Is the radiation from dental X-rays safe?

Modern, digital dental x-rays have very low levels of radiation. You’re actually exposed to more radiation on a 2 hour commercial airplane flight than you are from digital dental x-rays (yes, flying in the air exposes you to radiation, but the levels are so low that they’re also not dangerous). The technician taking your x-rays leaves the room because they could be seeing over 10 patients in one day, and over many years that level of exposure can add up. But as a patient, you’re only getting x-rays every once in awhile, so the lead apron is more than enough to protect you.