Onlays and Inlays

If you have a large filling that’s failing or have significant tooth decay on a cusp, but still have a lot of healthy tooth left, an onlay or inlay may be the solution. At Park Slope Dentistry Seventh Avenue, Dr. Angelique Freking and Dr. Ronald Teichman have years of experience providing onlays and inlays, and can determine if they are right for you. Call or book an appointment online today.



Onlays and Inlays Q&A

What’s the difference between an onlay and inlay?

An inlay is similar to a filling, but much stronger and more durable. If a large filling is beginning to weaken, an inlay can fix the problem.

An onlay is made of the same material as inlays, but replaces a larger portion of a tooth including at least one cusp. In some cases an onlay is more preferable than a crown because it’s a more conservative treatment that requires less removal of tooth structure.

What is the process for receiving an onlay or inlay?

Onlays and inlays require two appointments.

In the first appointment, the team at Park Slope Dentistry Seventh Avenue will clean and prepare your damaged tooth. Then they will take impressions to send to the dental lab where highly trained artists will prepare your onlay or inlay. Finally you will receive a temporary filling to protect your tooth until the final delivery.

At the second appointment--usually two weeks later--you will receive your final onlay or inlay. The dentist will make sure the fit is perfect and then permanently bond it to your tooth.