Invisalign® is the perfect solution for adults who want straighter teeth, but don’t want metal braces. By utilizing a series of custom made, nearly unnoticeable clear trays to precisely reposition teeth, Invisalign can transform most people’s smile in under a year. Invisalign has a decades long proven track record, and at Park Slope Dentistry Seventh Avenue, Dr. Angelique Freking has the experience and know-how to transform your smile. If you’ve been wanting to straighten your teeth, we offer a free Invisalign consultation. Call or book an appointment online.



Invisalign Q&A

How does Invisalign work?

Invisalign uses a series of clear plastic trays, called aligners, that apply consistent pressure on the teeth to carefully and precisely move them into the correct position.

What issues can Invisalign correct?

Invisalign can correct a number of common issues including

  • crooked teeth

  • crowded teeth

  • gapped teeth

  • overbites and underbites

  • crossbites and open bites

Am I a good candidate for Invisalign?

We can’t say for sure without meeting you and doing an exam, but in general if you’re an adult with healthy teeth and gums, Invisalign is a viable option to adjust your teeth.

How long do Invisalign treatments take?

Everyone’s treatment plan is different, but on average cases take about 8 months.

What are the steps to having Invisalign?

The first step is to come in for a free consult. Dr. Freking will inspect the health of your teeth and gums, analyze your smile and bite, and then talk to you about the issues you have with your teeth and how Invisalign can help.

If you decide to move forward, we will take impressions of your upper and lower teeth to send to the Invisalign lab. Dr. Freking will create an individualized treatment plan for your teeth. This step generally takes 2-4 weeks.

After the plan has been determined, you’ll return to the office so that Dr. Freking can show you an interactive 3D simulation of your unique treatment plan. During this appointment, Dr. Freking will explain exactly what will happen to each tooth and go over how long the treatment is estimated to take. When you approve the plan, your Invisalign trays will arrive in the office 5-7 days later.

At the third appointment, you will be fitted with your first tray, and if necessary have small, tooth colored attachments bonded to your teeth. These attachments are used for leverage to turn, torque or push teeth in specific directions. When your treatment is finished, the attachments will be removed. After your trays are properly fitted, we will show you how to insert and remove the trays, and how to properly take care of them.

You’ll come back 2-3 weeks later so we can check your progress and give you your next sets of trays. If everything’s going well, you’ll then return to the office once every two months for checkups until the treatment is over.

How long should I wear my trays every day?

Invisalign works by applying constant pressure on your teeth. Because of that, you need to wear your trays as much as possible. For best results, we recommend wearing your trays for 20-22 hours a day.

When do I take my trays out?

You should remove your trays to eat, drink anything but water, and to brush and floss twice a day.

Does Invisalign work as well as traditional braces?

For the most part, yes. There are some issues that braces are better suited to treat than Invisalign, and in those cases Dr. Freking can refer you to an orthodontist.